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Personal Data Policy

For DIMOPOULOS SA, respect and protection of the personal data of our clients and associates is of prime importance.

In this context, we describe the terms and conditions under which the Company collects, processes and protects the personal data of persons who in any way deal with us or cooperate with us.

The Company is committed to collecting and processing personal data in accordance with General Personal Data Protection (EU) Regulation 2016/679 and other applicable legislation. We take the appropriate organizational and technical measures to ensure the security, availability and validity of the data we process.


Ι. Processing Manager

The controller, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, is DIMOPOULOS SA, based in Megalopolis, 53, Andriopoulou Street,, tel: +30 27910 25383. Data Protection Officer with whom you can contact directly for any request or clarification regarding your personal data: Lyberopoulou Panagiota,, tel: +30 27910 25383.


ΙΙ. What kind of personal data we collect – Collection procedure

In the exercise of our activity, our Company may collect the following personal data of our clients, associates or prospective clients and associates:

Identity (such as name, surname, maiden name, date of birth, address, ID number, ID card number)

Contact details (contact telephones, email, mailing address)

Identification data (name, signature) contained in process forms

Elements of financial transactions (such as bank account details and other payment instruments and methods)

Data relating to education / training, past service, qualifications and curriculum vitae

Image and location data at the specific and labeled locations of the Company's facilities monitored by a closed-loop television circuit

The above personal data is collected directly from the data subjects through physical communication with our representatives either in our offices or by means of remote communication (eg via email, telephone, fax etc.) In addition, we may collect personal data through our website through the contact form under the “Contact Us” section where the subject registers his / her data for the purpose of communicating with our Company for any request.

Furthermore, in the context of our cooperation with our clients and associates, our Company may contact personal data of persons who are in any way connected with them, either communicated to the Company by them or collected by same company directly from the above. The above data the Company is committed to retaining and using only in the context and for the purposes of collaborating with our clients and associates and according to the instructions – orders of our clients and associates. Finally, image and location data are collected through closed TV channels and security cameras.

Exceptionally, it is possible to collect subject data from other sources. In such cases the subject will receive special information for this purpose. In some cases, you may have provided your data in the past, as part of an earlier partnership or relationship with the Company.


ΙΙΙ. How we use your personal information
Our Company collects personal data that is absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of our contractual obligations and the performance of our cooperation with our clients and partners, in order to satisfy these requests and in general our activity and operation.

A portion of this data is collected and used in order for our Company to comply with its legal obligations to the public authorities (tax, insurance, legislation, etc.). Data collection and processing also takes place for critical operations of our business such as credit policy, claims for customer loopholes, and information about proper accounting records.

Finally, part of your data is processed by the appropriate departments of the Company for the implementation and management of security policies of the Company’s installations, networks, data and personnel.

If additional information is sought on our behalf, you will be informed at the time of the data collection.


IV. Legal basis of processing
Within the framework of the above objectives, the legal bases for collecting and processing your above data are, on a case by case basis, the following:

processing that is a prerequisite for fulfilling our contractual obligations: The Company processes your personal data in the context of performance of your contract or with a view to concluding a contract with you.

processing in performance of a legal duty - obligation, including, but not limited to, legal obligations arising from labor, insurance and tax legislation, or the exercise of our legal rights.

your data categories only receive the absolutely necessary processing to safeguard our legitimate interests, exercise our professional activity, observe our internal processes and functions and protect the security of our Company and the public interest.

your consent in the case of our Company's promotional activities. In such a case, you will always be able to withdraw your consent immediately, easily and inexpensively, and immediately stop sending any such material.

V. To whom do we share your data

Our Company does not disclose your personal data to third parties unless this is required for lawful fulfillment of our business and business needs, in order to meet our contractual obligations to our clients and associates or whether this is permitted or required by law (labor law, insurance, tax law) or a court order or there is an express consent of the data subject for that purpose.
The data of our clients and associates are processed within the scope of this Agreement by departments and employees of our Company responsible for concluding, implementing and managing our contractual business relationships, as well as by any of our affiliates for themselves reasons. Similarly, they may be processed by the other departments of the Company in the course of our legal operation, in order to fulfill our obligations under the law, as well as to be disclosed to third party external partners of our Company (eg accountants, legal advisors, security technicians) who provide services to us on our behalf under our instructions.

Also, your data, to the extent that it is appropriate to fulfill our contractual or other obligations and your best service and the satisfaction of your requests, may be transmitted to affiliated companies, Banking Institutions, or to partners with the Company, such as insurance companies, consultancy and audit firms, any associated storage and file management companies, partner IT companies.
In any case where data transmission becomes necessary, our Company is responsible for passing on to third parties, provided they only meet the high level of security and confidentiality of the data and provide adequate safeguards and commitments to protect them.

Finally, we may disclose data to public authorities of any kind (public services, tax authorities, insurance bodies, etc.) or to judicial or independent authorities, prosecutors or investigating bodies, provided that this is provided for or required by law or is strictly necessary for the defense of our legitimate rights.


VI. Data retention time

Personal data is retained for the period strictly necessary for the execution and completion of the processing purposes listed above. The exact retention time of each data category is linked: (a) with the necessary time, in the reasonable commercial and operational context for the fulfillment of our contractual and commercial obligations; (b) with any legal provisions for the retention of data in force at any time, as exemplified in the keeping of its accounting and tax records Company or data addressed to insurance companies (c) the duration of our commercial or contractual relationship with our clients or associates; (d) the need for data retention to protect our legitimate interests, proof of compliance, defense against claims and our legal claims (e) if the treatment is based on the consent of the subject, the retention time is determined by the time of retention of that consent.


VII. Privacy and data security

Our Company applies appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of Personal Data, its safe processing and the prevention of accidental loss or destruction and unauthorized and / or unauthorized access to, use, modification or disclosure thereof and any other illegal form of processing. The processing of data by our Company is conducted only in a way that ensures the confidentiality and security of the data, based on the latest technological and other developments, application costs, nature, context and purposes of processing, with risk assessment and their likelihood of occurrence and their effects on data subjects. In this context, we ensure that the processing is carried out exclusively by staff authorized to do so, which is bound by confidentiality obligations and provides the necessary safeguards. The same happens with any of our partners who may be involved in the process.


VIII. Your rights

Under the existing laws and restrictions, you have the following rights in relation to your personal data:

Right to information and access: You have the right to have information about the processing of your personal data and you are therefore aware of this Privacy Policy. At the same time, you have the right to access your personal data at your request.

Right of Correction: You have the right to request the correction of inaccurate data that is kept in the context of this or the completion of any incomplete data.

Erasure right: You have the right to request the deletion of your data. We recall that this right is not absolute and is subject to the limitations of the law. We may have legitimate reasons not to respond to such a request.

Right to limit the processing: You have the right to request the limitation of the processing of your data, that is, you have the right to request that you stop processing them and simply keep your data from our Company. The exercise of this right is subject to the condition that such a possibility is granted to you by existing legislation. If the legal requirements are not met, the Company may not have complied with your request.

Right to portability: You have the right to receive your data in a specific form and ask for it to be transferred to another controller if the law provides for the processing in question.

Right of objection: You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your data, within the limitations provided in the existing legislation. Similarly, this right is not absolute and the Company may have valid reasons to refuse to satisfy it.

Right to withdraw your consent: Since a processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent immediately, easily and inexpensively at any time for the continuation of such processing. Withdrawal of your consent does not affect the legitimacy of consent processing before it is revoked.

In order to exercise any of your rights, as well as any information or clarification about them and the conditions for their exercise, you may contact the Company (email:, tel: +30 27910 25383) to you are provided with any further information and guidance on the steps you need to do. Since the legal basis for your data processing is consent, you have the right to
withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time and inexpensively by sending an e-mail to or by telephone (+3027910 25383). In the event of your consent being withdrawn, your personal data will be permanently deleted and will cease all processing operations insofar as it concerns your data for which the processing takes place under your consent. It is again clarified that this does not affect and does not affect the processing of your data that takes place under another legitimate processing base.
We also tell you that, based on existing legislation, you have the right, if you believe that your data protection laws are being breached, to use the Personal Data Protection. For the Authority’s authority and how to file a complaint, you can go to its website ( -> My Rights -> Submit a Complaint) where detailed information is available.


Changes to this Privacy Policy.

The Company may modify unilaterally and at any time this Policy to reflect any changes in our existing policies and practices.

For this reason, we encourage you to visit our website regularly to be immediately informed of any changes to this Privacy Policy.