Environmental Policy - ΔΗΜΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ ATE - Τεχνική & Κατασκευαστική Εταιρεία
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Environmental Policy

DIMOPOULOS SA attaches particular importance to the rescue of the natural environment and the environmental impacts of its operation, adopting specific environmental directives and procedures that enhance sustainable.

Fully embracing corporate philosophy, it applies an Environmental Management System in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001: 2015 and has adopted a precautionary approach to environmental protection, constantly reviewing the goals and objectives of its strategy.


The company’s environmental policy is based on the following principles:

Reducing both the quantities and the hazardousness of the waste generated.

Compliance with applicable legal and other requirements in the context of environmental legislation.

Environmental education of employees through action programs to achieve specific environmental objectives.

Safe handling and disposal of hazardous waste.

Improvement of overall environmental behavior, especially in terms of preventing environmental pollution and responding to emergencies.

Saving natural resources through reuse and recycling of materials.

Inform staff on the company's environmental performance

Consolidating the concept of ecological sensitivity and environmental vision.

The environmental manager in cooperation with the company management ensures that the documented procedures of the environmental management system, are fully understood by the company’s entire human resources, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organizational structure and at all stages of the production process.