Corporate Social Responsibility - ΔΗΜΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ ATE - Τεχνική & Κατασκευαστική Εταιρεία
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is the primary objective of DIMOPOULOS ‘strategic plan. as well as the adoption of guidelines, which guarantee the existence of operational criteria which have as their core the respect for man and the protection of the natural environment. In this context, the company integrates into its practices initiatives aimed at the satisfaction of its employees and suppliers as well as actions that enhance social care and environmental protection.


DIMOPOULOS SA, having as a primary concern the safeguarding of working practices, takes care of measures that improve the conditions in the workplace, through the implementation of labor standards for the Health and Safety of All Workers and the Defense of Human Rights. The company’s management appreciates the necessity to create and maintain a climate of teamwork, cooperation and trust with staff that establishes actions that reinforce this principle.


Also, strengthening local vulnerable social groups is a direct priority for the company. For this purpose, the company provides financial support to local community associations and targets actions to improve social care.


For DIMOPOULOS SA CSR means commitment and accountability to its staff, to its customers and to society as it places great emphasis on saving the natural environment and the environmental impacts of its operation, adopting specific environmental directives and procedures that foster sustainable development.